Hello and Welcome!

Hi there! I’m a Technical Manager and Production Electrician for Entertainment Events by day, aspiring bassist by night, and this is my website. I live in Leicestershire, UK, and have a bit of a reputation for elaborate Christmas & Halloween shows (in fact I’m a little bit too obsessed)!


I am a multi-skilled technical manager and production electrician with extensive theatrical, architectural and event lighting experience.  Originally from an electrical engineering background, I have years of experience leading teams across various sectors, contributing a broad practical skillset and a wealth of knowledge to any project I undertake.

I pride myself on dedication and hardworking ethics, meticulous levels of attention to detail, and an ability to maintain very high standards of work under pressure.  I take a proactive approach to problem solving and have always been highly self-motivated, quickly and independently learning new skills as needed.

Production Lighting Services

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Equipment Hire

Lighting and Temporary Power Distribution, dry hire or managed solutions designed to meet your needs.

Custom packages for theatre shows or tours, live events, concerts, music festivals, weddings or private parties.

Festoon and decorative garden/landscape lighting as can be provided to supplement exising infrastructure or marquee lighting provision.